Learn about our Immune Formulas

Thirty years ago, Source Naturals® pioneered the industry’s first comprehensive immune product combining vitamins and herbs for multi-action support.  In the years that followed, many more Wellness products were launched and millions of people have turned to our Source Naturals Wellness Family™ of products for immune support.  Today, Wellness Formula is the immune category leader.








Wellness Colloidal Silver™

Available in liquid, nasal spray and throat spray

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Wellness Fizz®

Great for immune support in enclosed environments and when traveling

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Wellness Fizz Berry.png









Wellness Formula®

#1-selling immune formula1

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Wellness Herbal Kids™

Contains a powerful combination of herbs designed to support the immune system*

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Wellness Herbal Resistance™

Top-selling formula based on three time-honored traditions: Chinese, Native American and European

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Wellness Herbal Throat Spray™

Specially formulated to provide soothing immune support for throat health*

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Wellness Shot™

A berry burst of immune support you can take anytime, anywhere

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Wellness Transfer Factor™

Supports Immune System Response*

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1 Source: SPINSscan Natural Channel, Total US $ Sales, 52 Weeks Ending 11/26/2011.